About the Podcast


Teaser Talk is an internationally charted rock n roll podcast that features top talent as well as rising stars in the industry while giving listeners perspectives outside typical interviews.

Tune in for a fun and informative experience that will keep you laughing all day long! This isn't just another boring industry podcast; your host Hollie has some of today's most fascinating talents sharing their stories with us. Whether it be artist interviews, music news, or random topics like serial killer groupies, our fascinating world is filled up every episode.

Since launching in 2017, the podcast has established a loyal audience with an impressive lineup of past guests.


"Hollie Nicole has an amazing energy when talking about music on Teaser Talk. I appreciate her enthusiasm and the way she makes each episode interesting and interactive. Definitely worth a listen!"

"Teaser Talk has engaging interviews and in-depth conversations about the latest trends in music, this show offers something for everyone. Highly recommended!"

“This podcast is fun and entertaining. Great stuff!!”

“You should definitely check out Teaser Talk! Hollie really dives deep into the culture and provides insightful perspectives that will keep you entertained.”

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