Hollie Nicole



Hollie grew up in a small town in Oklahoma called Rush Springs. Not only was she a small town girl but she lived in low income housing with her siblings. Despite the difficulties she faced, music has always been there for her – from recording cassette tapes with tape over the ends to getting 18 CDs from BMG music for a penny – providing her peace of mind even at the toughest times. This love and passion for music eventually spurred her to launch Teaser Talk in 2017, helping connect concertgoers to their favorite artist in a fun and quirky way.

In addition to being the host of Teaser Talk, Hollie also helps others amplify their voices and make an impact through launching their own podcasts with her branding augency. With music in her heart, she is excited to continue connecting the world through sound and story. Hollie is also a Playboy Bunny and in 2023 she launched her own private label vodka, a collaboration with Dank Vodka "Teaser Edition".


"Hollie Nicole has an amazing energy when talking about music on Teaser Talk. I appreciate her enthusiasm and the way she makes each episode interesting and interactive. Definitely worth a listen!"

"Teaser Talk has engaging interviews and in-depth conversations about the latest trends in music, this show offers something for everyone. Highly recommended!"

“This podcast is fun and entertaining. Great stuff!!”

“You should definitely check out Teaser Talk! Hollie really dives deep into the culture and provides insightful perspectives that will keep you entertained.”

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